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Classic Interior Design has grown into an adored aesthetic amongst interior designers in Botany Bay. We blend beautiful concepts, components and colours to create a type of flow that shouts out luxury and sophistication. Interior Designer London is a well-established company working in Botany Bay and has managed to help thousands of clients with their homes and commercial properties when it comes to Classic Interior Design.

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The Botany Bay on-site 100% Free Consult

Your project starts with a full review of the residential or commercial property. The lead designer will come in, inquire about your guidelines, and plan out precisely how the design will arrive to fruition. This is a crucial step in the course of the Classic Interior Design phase and is a task we take seriously.

A new mind-set on Classic Interior Design can govern the course of the project and drive what your living space will look like afterwards.

Here, we point out every element in the project's classic design theme and paint a very clear depiction of your interiors space in a "before and after" scenario.
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Stunning Classic Bedroom Interior Styling

The Survey of the Botany Bay Property

A design professional will launch the surveying of your property. Interior Designer London is honored to provide a very long list of design services for Classic Interior Design and works hard on maximizing each solution based on your needs.

Surveying captures notable details that will be worked with to boost your interior space for later on. We will get hold of helpful project data such as design, theme and architectural build and consider possible #keywords:t changes throughout the way. Each detail is an intrinsic part to the puzzle and is mapped by our professionals.

Our intent is to make sure the concluding solution is just simply world-class!

warm traditional home interior design

Starting the Planning Applications

Classic interior redesigns involve pre-approval when it comes to Botany Bay's procedures. Our team has been functioning in the area for more than 25 years guaranteeing we've seen every detail that is out there. This consists of all of the legal restrictions are in place for property owners to adhere to during the project.

Each legality will be talked about in advance and is going to be factored into the design phase.

You can be positive that all planning will measure up to both client and legal demands. Your room will radiate sophistication and a classic theme for everyone to see.

Classic and Elegant Home Bathroom Interior Design

Building Control Applications handled with care

We make it a point to understand the needs of each client for each project we acquire. We take pride in designing customized solutions and sitting down with our clients from start to end. Our qualified professional experts can operate building control contracts for you.

Our team have worked with top engineers and also wall surveyors in the industry. If you have a specialist in mind, feel free to let our team know during the project and we will account for this.

Come and experience the very best of what Botany Bay has to offer!

classic dining room interior styling

Visuals of your Classic Interior Design with 3D Rendering and Mood Boards

The 3D model can be a fantastic way to figure out more about precisely how your House or Business is going to look at the end of the Classic Interior Design project. We really like to incorporate our clients in decision-making and on significant procedures. Modeling software and expert skill are all part of the exclusive service we offer our clients.

The comprehensive 3D model is created using all-in-one computer software and for using changes to the design. Revisions can lead to a finishing representation that will be sure to fulfill your requirements. The design process makes sure total client satisfaction and company workmanship.

Restaurant Classic Interior Design in Traditional Styling

Process of Classic Interior Design Building & Concluding Sign Off

For Classic Interior Design, we take pride in managing one of the finest group of professionals in the country. Our team has been through a great deal of top-grade projects working on elaborate design work and unique challenges unlike everything else in the industry. Clients can look forward to magnificent design features meshed in with your own ideas.

If you're in need of an extra contractor, we can have it concluded at your expressed desire.

We will work as your supplemental firm for all of your design needs.

If You're in the market to change your residential or even commercial space to a much more traditional theme, schedule a consultation service together with our efficient designers. The consultant will be ready to go through the various steps and put together a comprehensive no commitment quotation on the very same day. This is a remarkable opportunity to find out more about your options, how everything comes together, and exactly why we are the absolute best with respect to Classic Interior Design objectives!

Our Process

The 6 Steps we take to ensure you have a great Customer experience

1. Free Consult

Within this consult we will assess your general ideas of what you're looking to achieve, and also provide you with free no obligation quote.

2. Survey your Property

After we have assessed your needs we will carry out a full survey, from this point out we will begin the process of your drawings, plans, elevations, sections and also if required space layout.

3. Planning Applications

We will look after every aspect of your planning and periferral compliance.

4. Building Control Contracts

We are a full end to end service so you can rely on us to take care of all your building control applications, We will provide and colaborate with third parties such as Structural engineers and Party Wall surveyors.

5. 3D Rendering & mood boards

We will produce powerful 3D renders, in addition We will a produce a powerful 3D Model in order for you to fully visually see how your vision plays out.

6. The Build process & sign off

We provide the option to our clients to either use our reputable building team or if you wish you can select builders of your choice if you decide to put these works out for general tender. We look after the process all the way all up sign of and building control.

Our Core Team

Simon Baker is the Founding Memeber

Simon Baker

Founding Director

Simon founded this Company with a view of offering Clients Tailor made solutions after a disjointed and disatisfying experience in having his own Home rennovated. He recognised the need within the Industry for an "end to end" solution that would offer clients a quality and non disruptive process.

proficient Interior Designer Erica Marcinova

Erica Marcinova

Interior Designer

Having achieved an MA in Politics, Erika decided to explore her creative side and gained a Diploma in Interior Design, a field in which she has flourished. She combines an in-depth knowledge of the industry with vision and flair. She is always focused on adding value to a property and expertly manages to create unique and beautiful interiors.

lead architect

Raquel Oliveira


Raquel is an award winning Architect with abroad experience in various types of construction including a luxury hotel, new builds, extensions and refurbishments with an emphasis on interiors, mainly for residential, retail and large mixed use projects.

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What Our Clients Say


Robert Leney

Had a total renovation done, absolutely stuning work and great people to deal with. A 5 Star service!


Viresh Sharma

Terrific work done on our roof extention, really couldn't be happier.

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