The best Classic Interior Design Professionals within Castle Green

Classic Interior Design has come to be an adored aesthetic amongst interior designers in Castle Green. We combine beautifully exquisite products, styles and colours to create and conjure an ambiance that's cozy and shows a luxury aura. Interior Designer London is Castle Green's go-to designer for bespoke Classic Interior Design projects in homes and businesses.

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Your Castle Green on-site 100% Free Consultation

Our qualified team gets the project going with an in-depth assessment of your home or business. The design professional collects information based on what you require, your lists of specifications and requirements to make it a dream place. This is a vital step during the Classic Interior Design phase and is an element we take very seriously.

Our professionals can lend a brand new Classic Interior Design outlook of how the project proceeds and allow you an idea of what your living area can look like.

Here, we explain every element in the project's classic design theme and depict a very clear picture of your interiors space in a "before and after" scenario.
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Stunning Classic Bedroom Interior Styling

Commencing the Survey of the Castle Green Property

A design professional will launch the surveying of your premises. Interior Designer London can easily work on an assortment of Classic Interior Design services and customized solutions for our valued clients.

Surveying captures striking details that will be made use of to enrich your interior area for later on. Some of the more important project information includes your Classic Interior Design layout, structural build and exclusive components. Every element down to the last detail are essential in making your needs a reality.

You can look forward to a well-crafted end product from a world-class firm.

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Getting to work on making your Planning Applications happen

Classic interior redesigns need pre-approval when it comes to Castle Green's procedures. Our experienced team will know precisely how to create resolutions for a win-win position. Likewise, we will ensure that the plan will meet all stipulated official requirements for a hassle-free project transition.

These particular details will be brought into the design phase for your sign off and consent.

We always present compliant approaches and go the extra mile while ensuring the results are remarkable. Your room will radiate sophistication and a classic theme for everybody to see.

Classic and Elegant Home Bathroom Interior Design

Interior Design Building Control Contracts

We make it a point to understand the needs of each client for each project we acquire. We take satisfaction in creating customized solutions and sitting down with our clients from beginning to end. By having this in mind, we also voluntarily allow new building control contracts and can maintain them on your behalf.

experts have worked with top engineers and also wall surveyors in the industry. If you have a professional in mind, feel free to let us know during the project and we will certainly account for this.

Come and experience the the finest of what Castle Green has to offer!

classic dining room interior styling

Classic Interior Design 3D Rendering & Mood Boards for your visual clarity

Your new business or house space can be presented in small scale 3D before the Classic Interior Design project presses on to the next step. Here, clients can view, adjust or add components before the design is carried out. Exceptional interior design software renders a 3D model of the work that will be done.

For instance, if you are looking to make changes to the bathroom, we will be able to set up a comprehensive 3D model of those adjustments using our all-in-one software. Clients will have a physical manifestation of the end outcome and gain an idea of how it will fit into the home or business theme. We make sure that the design provides exceptional value and fulfillment worthy of praise.

Restaurant Classic Interior Design in Traditional Styling

The Process of Classic Interior Design Building & Final Sign Off

Classic Interior Design is our area of expertise and what characterizes us as Castle Green's finest. We take on high-end projects and challenging design work ideas better than any other provider in the industry. This makes sure that we're able to ensure a stunning selection of design elements based on your requirements.

If you're in need of a supplementary contractor, we can have it completed at your expressed desire.

We will work as your supplemental company for all of your design needs.

Take traditional designs to an entire new level with our professional interior designers. Our firm offer a complete, same-day quote and consultation carried out rapidly and efficiently. This is a remarkable chance to get to know more about your selections, how everything comes together, and exactly why our company are the absolute best when it comes to Classic Interior Design purposes!

Our Process

The 6 Steps we take to ensure you have a great Customer experience

1. Free Consult

Within this consult we will assess your general ideas of what you're looking to achieve, and also provide you with free no obligation quote.

2. Survey your Property

After we have assessed your needs we will carry out a full survey, from this point out we will begin the process of your drawings, plans, elevations, sections and also if required space layout.

3. Planning Applications

We will look after every aspect of your planning and periferral compliance.

4. Building Control Contracts

We are a full end to end service so you can rely on us to take care of all your building control applications, We will provide and colaborate with third parties such as Structural engineers and Party Wall surveyors.

5. 3D Rendering & mood boards

We will produce powerful 3D renders, in addition We will a produce a powerful 3D Model in order for you to fully visually see how your vision plays out.

6. The Build process & sign off

We provide the option to our clients to either use our reputable building team or if you wish you can select builders of your choice if you decide to put these works out for general tender. We look after the process all the way all up sign of and building control.

Our Core Team

Simon Baker is the Founding Memeber

Simon Baker

Founding Director

Simon founded this Company with a view of offering Clients Tailor made solutions after a disjointed and disatisfying experience in having his own Home rennovated. He recognised the need within the Industry for an "end to end" solution that would offer clients a quality and non disruptive process.

proficient Interior Designer Erica Marcinova

Erica Marcinova

Interior Designer

Having achieved an MA in Politics, Erika decided to explore her creative side and gained a Diploma in Interior Design, a field in which she has flourished. She combines an in-depth knowledge of the industry with vision and flair. She is always focused on adding value to a property and expertly manages to create unique and beautiful interiors.

lead architect

Raquel Oliveira


Raquel is an award winning Architect with abroad experience in various types of construction including a luxury hotel, new builds, extensions and refurbishments with an emphasis on interiors, mainly for residential, retail and large mixed use projects.

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What Our Clients Say


Robert Leney

Had a total renovation done, absolutely stuning work and great people to deal with. A 5 Star service!


Viresh Sharma

Terrific work done on our roof extention, really couldn't be happier.

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